Why UPVC Profile?

4 Jul, 2017

Why UPVC Profile?

Water Tightness: uPVC windows and doors profile absorbs water below 0.1%. Moreover, the uniquely designed weep hole and weather strip in the meeting rail provide water resistance proof.


Weather Resistance: When uPVC windows and doors are exposed in scorching sun, storm, dryness, high humidity or other extreme weather change, they do not rot, corrode nor warp, even after many years, the windows and doors are still attractive, perfectly tight and working well.


Strength, Security and Resistance: BEIDI uPVC profiles are difficult to ignite and do not support or enhance accidental fires unlike their timber counterparts. uPVC windows and doors profile is free from the attack of acids, alkalis, waste gases, and salts.


Color Options: BEIDI uPVC products are colored with off-white. The closed smooth surface of uPVC profiles ensures ease of clean by using gentle household detergent dissolved in water. They are also available with a foil coating in different colors, so you do not need to paint it.