Why Choose the UPVC Windows?

27 Jul, 2017

1. What is UPVC?
PVC or Poly vinyl Chloride is form of plastic derived from common salt (57%) and oil (43%).
UPVC is used for many purposes including;
   Medical – Blood Bags, Catheters etc.
   Food Packaging – Bottled Water, food Wrappings
   Building products – pipe, windows etc.
Additives are used in specific proportions with PVC to derive certain properties. This is known as compounding or blending.

2. What types of additive do you use?
   Heat Stabilizers : To prevent material degradation during extrusion.
   Impact Modifiers : To improve toughness and impact resistance.
   UV Stabilizers : It prevents the profile from fading under ultra violet rays.
  Lubricants & Process Aids : To improve the extrusion process

3. Will the color fade over a period of time?
The blends developed by us are specifically made to suit tropical climates like India and have been proven in use for over 10 years.

4. Is it scratch proof? What will happen if scratches appear on the surface?
UPVC window systems are resistant to scratches during normal domestic use. If scratches do appear, they can be polished out.

5. How does U-PVC react with fire? How toxic are the fumes?
Unlike MOST other plastics UPVC is self-extinguishing. This means when the source of the fire is taken away, and it stops burning.
Any material will give off fumes when it burns – remember UPVC is self-extinguishing.

6. How long do U-PVC window systems last?
U-PVC is very durable, the life of this product is probably as long as the life of the building, provided the mechanical components are maintained.

7. Are U-PVC windows strong?
   The construction of the PVC extrusion is multi-chambered which improves the strength.
   Steel reinforcements are used to impart sturdiness.
   Steel is three times stronger than aluminium.