PVC Products-UPVC Windows

10 Aug, 2017

PVC products have an important role to play in helping improve people’s lives and conserve natural resources in a world that is growing in population, with ever increasing demands for water, sanitation, energy, health service and economic security. In combination with the cost-performance and good properties PVC will remain a building material of choice with improvements of the production processes and the management of waste recycle program support this excellent product performance. U-PVC windows are a necessary part of our life.

1. Are U-PVC windows strong?
The construction of the PVC extrusion is multi-chambered which improves the strength.
Steel reinforcements are used to impart sturdiness.
Steel is three times stronger than aluminium.

2. How are the joints formed ?
All the joints are heat fusion welded
The welds are actually stronger than the profile!

3. How do the windows perform in the rain?
UPVC as a material is impervious to water.
UPVC does not rot.
The windows give excellent weather-proofing

4. How are its properties against noise?
Properly installed U-PVC windows give excellent noise reduction (Attenuation)

5. What thermal properties does U-PVC posses?
UPVC window have excellent thermal properties which reduce dramatically the amount of heat gain within the property from the outside.

6. What about Mosquito Screen , who will supply
We will offer a Mosquito screen system for the Horizontal Sliding Window and Doors. Casement windows can use the same Mosquito Screen as used for wood or aluminium windows.

7. Who will be responsible for repair and maintenance job?
One of UPVC windows main strengths is low maintenance.
The hardware that we use are tested up to 50,000 cycle of operation.
We will offer a warranty on the UPVC profiles used in our window frames for a period of 10 years.

8. Is it possible to create different designs and styles in U-PVC
YES, think of the U-PVC system as a LEGO set from which you can manufacture any style which can be made in wood or aluminium if not more.

9. What will happen with respect to Expansion and Contraction
What is important is the range of temperature experienced by the window or door.
UPVC windows have been used in places such as Russia with temperatures from –35o to 45o i.e. a range of 80oC!

10. What wall thicknesses will you use
Wall thicknesses vary according to many factors.
All our systems are designed to meet specific structural requirements.
Where additional strength is required reinforcing, usually steel, is used.

11. What type of glass will you use
All our systems can supply either single or double-glazing
Double-glazing greatly improves the thermal insulation of the windows

12. How will the window be fixed in the wall, and at what stage?
The fixing of the windows can be done through expansion fixing (using expansion bolts)
We would recommend that our windows be fixed in the apertures just before the final coating of paint is done.

13. How does it compare on cost parameters with other window material?
The cost would be comparable with good quality aluminum window systems and lower than good quality wood.

14. Why I should pay more for the uPVC system?
UPVC window systems costs less than any other types of windows systems, over a life-time use.
Our windows save on energy cost, are low on maintenance and are durable.
Because we fit the windows properly there is no ingress of water between the frame and the building which leads to expensive plaster damage on the inside of the house.

15. Will it add value to my property?
The property will be a trend-setter using the most modern window system available today.
The aesthetic appearance will attract buyers.
You will have better sound insulation, lower heating and air conditioning bills
With some occasional simple cleaning the windows will look like new for years.
You can sell on the low maintenance aspects of the U-PVC windows.
You can customize your windows by using different architectural styles like arches, bay (135) and oriel (90) to top hung windows systems.
The hardware used is of a far higher quality than the norm, particularly when compared to aluminium windows.
Good fitting will ensure no water leaks, no plaster damage.
Every window will be made to size therefore there will be no “chipping out” to make the windows fit thereby saving cost and avoiding delays in completion.

16. What are your delivery schedules?
All our delivery promises are guaranteed Typically we will deliver in 2 weeks.

uPVC windows help insulate family from noise an air-borne pollutants by providing a zero-leak window system, giving a healthy home to your family.