16 Aug, 2017




Thinking of updating your windows? Over time window frames can decay, age, or just grow to look outdated. Thanks to modern technology and modern manufacturing processes, there are a huge number of styles, materials, and security options available to you.

The right UPVC windows can give the look of your home a complete makeover both inside and out. Let’s take a look at the options available to you.

Window Frame Style

The frames you choose will define the impact the UPCV windows have on your property. With different options you can easily find a style that will match the architecture of your home. The three main styles of frame are bevelled, sculptured, and flush. Bevelled frames give you a contemporary design with angular edges, sculptured offer a softer, more detailed finish that adds a touch of class, while flush frames are clean and low profile.

Frame Colours

Window frames come in a range of colours, allowing you to match the exterior of your home. From dark and light wood stain, to UPVC windows with frames in brown, grey, or white, you can compliment or accentuate your brickwork or facade.

Window Style

Windows come in a range of styles too, giving you the option to have windows that open the way you want. We can install UPVC windows that open horizontally or vertically, as well as tilt and turn windows that open outwards. We can fit UPVC windows in bays or casements too.

Window Security

All the UPVC windows we fit have security features to keep your home safe and secure. Certain models have additional features for extra peace of mind, so if you are particularly concerned about the security of your home, we can easily fit windows with all the protection you could ever need.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving UPVC Windows

With energy saving windows, you can reduce your energy bills and therefore your impact upon the planet. Better technology ensures that hot air stays in your home and cold air stays out. Retaining the warmth inside means you don’t have to put the heating on as much, saving you money.

High Quality Professionally Fitted UPVC Windows

With a big selection of styles, colours, and features available, we have all the choice you could ever want to transform your home with beautiful new windows. Contact us to talk about stylish, secure, and bank account friendly UPVC windows today.