9 Nov, 2023

Aesthetics: The film covered on the surface can show various colors and textures, making the doors, windows, partitions and other components more beautiful, and can meet the needs of different styles of architectural decoration.
Durability: The surface of coated plastic steel profiles is covered with a thin film, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, oxidation and corrosion, thus extending its service life.
Easy to clean: The surface of the coated plastic steel profile is smooth and not easy to be stained with dirt, making it very convenient to clean.
Thermal insulation performance: Coated plastic steel profiles can effectively block the exchange of indoor and outdoor temperatures, have good thermal insulation performance, and can save energy.
Sound insulation performance: Due to its good airtightness, the sound insulation effect of coated plastic steel profiles is also good, which can effectively block the interference of external noise.