What details can improve the aging resistance of doors and windows?

22 Mar, 2024

Choose high-quality materials: First of all, choosing high-quality door and window materials is key. For example, UPVC, aluminum alloy and other materials have good weather resistance and anti-aging properties, can effectively resist the influence of harsh weather conditions, and are not susceptible to corrosion or moisture.
Pay attention to the sealing performance: the sealing performance of doors and windows has an important impact on their aging resistance. High-quality sealing strips can effectively prevent the penetration of outdoor air, moisture and dust and slow down the aging process. At the same time, regular inspection and replacement of aging and cracked sealing strips are also important measures to ensure that doors and windows maintain good sealing performance for a long time.
Drainage system design: A reasonable drainage system can prevent rain or stagnant water from intruding into the house and keep doors and windows dry. For example, the hidden drainage system, with its beautiful structural design and large-flow drainage function, can effectively reduce water erosion on doors and windows, thereby improving their aging resistance.
Choose high-quality hardware: The quality of hardware is directly related to the durability of doors and windows. Choose sturdy, durable and well-crafted hardware, such as handles and hinges made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, which can withstand long-term use and wear and extend the service life of doors and windows.
Strengthen maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of doors and windows, such as using special detergents to clean surface stains and regular lubrication of hardware, can slow down the aging of doors and windows. At the same time, when opening or closing doors and windows, avoid violent pushing, pulling or impact to reduce unnecessary wear and tear.
Sun protection and heat insulation measures: Installing sun protection facilities such as awnings or curtains on doors and windows can effectively reduce damage to doors and windows caused by direct sunlight. At the same time, using glass and sealing materials with good thermal insulation properties can also reduce the impact of heat on doors and windows and improve their aging resistance.