Advantage of Fonirte upvc profile

29 Aug, 2017

Energy Efficient

Fonirte upvc windows possess great energy saving potential. Window profiles have been designed with multi-chambers which reduce transfer of heat-thus saving energy 30-35%.

Sound&Thermal Insulation

Fonirte windows are made up of multi-chambered profiles which are fusion welded,tight sealed that reduce noise-providing user comfort.Our windows are sealed with the masonry wall with silicon leaving no gaps between the frame and the sash preventing noise,dust and pollution.

Monsoon Proof

Fonirte upvc profiles are made up of polymers which practically do not absorb water. Moreover,our profiles are uniquely designed with water drainage and gradient slope which ensures that rain water flows outwards.

Eco friendly

Fonirte upvc windows&doors are eco-friendly. Upvc is an excellent material for recycling as they can be fully recycled. Being a replacement for wood and energy intensive material,it saves forests and environment.

Customized windows and doors

Fonirte upvc windows&doors are made as per customer’s requirement. Our windows and doors can be made in various designs. These include casement window,sliding window,combination window,tilt&turn window,Bay window,French door, Balcony door,etc.