Advantages of plastic steel doors and windows

28 May, 2024

Good sound insulation: The structure of plastic steel doors and windows has been carefully designed, with tight joints. The sound insulation performance can reach more than 30 decibels, far exceeding the sound insulation performance of steel aluminum windows of about 19 decibels, providing residents with a quieter indoor environment.
Good thermal insulation: The aluminum-plastic composite material of plastic steel doors and windows has low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation effect. Coupled with good air tightness, it can keep the room warm even in cold areas, making it suitable for use in cold areas all year round.
Good fire resistance: Plastic steel doors and windows are made of UPVC material, which does not spontaneously ignite or support combustion. It meets fire protection requirements and ensures the safety of the building.
High corrosion resistance: The hardware of plastic steel doors and windows are all metal products and have good corrosion resistance. They are especially suitable for use in humid and corrosive environments such as coastal areas, and their service life is relatively long.
Good weather resistance: UV absorbers and low-temperature resistant chemical materials are added to the materials of plastic steel doors and windows, making them resistant to the effects of extreme weather and remaining stable even in environments ranging from minus 30 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.
Good insulation: The materials used in plastic steel doors and windows are excellent insulators and will not conduct electricity, providing residents with a safer living environment.
Low cost: Compared with aluminum alloy windows, the manufacturing cost of plastic steel doors and windows is lower, saving at least 30% or even 60% of the cost. Therefore, its sales price is also relatively low and has a high cost performance.
Energy saving: Plastic steel doors and windows have superior technical characteristics in energy saving and improving indoor thermal environment, which can save energy and reduce energy consumption.
Strong processability: Plastic steel materials have good fluidity and are easy to process. Doors and windows with various functions and shapes can be formed through mold casting to meet different needs.
Beautiful appearance: Plastic steel doors and windows not only have superior performance, but also have a beautiful appearance. They can be adapted to a variety of decoration styles and add beauty to the building.