Aluminium window and door

22 Apr, 2022

r frames appeal to homeowners for a number of reasons. First of all, the metal is one of the strongest conventional materials available for window and doors.
Aluminum frames are traditonally stronger than ones that can be made in PVC,and can therefore have a slimmer appearance and larger glass surface,creating a dis tinct, modern look that chimes with certain homeowners’ design sensibilities.
Similarly,the historically slimmer sightlines,sharper outlines and smooth,powder-coated finish have also been features that mark out aluminium frames as attractive options for those looking to purchase new windows. This has especially been the case over the past decade or so ,as window designs have trended toward becoming progressively less bulky.
This strength and contemporary look tends to lead to added cost, with aluminium traditionally being up tu three times more expensive than PVC.Additionally,while the metal’s sleek finish can be a pro for some people , it can be the biggest con for others, as the unique aesthetics of aluminium frames will not suit all properties.
AS an effective conductor of heat, aluminium frames are also susceptible to candensation forming. Though this disadvantage can be resolved with the installation of thermal breaks,heat may be lost throuth the frame if the thermal breaks are not fitted properly,leading to lower energy efficiency ratings.
Further issues such as corrosion may also aries if the frame is not powder-coated correctly, reducing both the home and the window’s visual appeal.