Autumn is getting stronger, how to choose the right energy-saving doors and windows

5 Sep, 2019

Autumn is getting stronger, how to choose the right energy-saving doors and windows

Before arriving in winter, install a special door and window, and then you can live a warm and quiet life, then how to choose the right energy-saving doors and windows?

 energy-saving doors and windows

1、Profile design and selection

The performance of different profiles is different, mainly because the heat transfer coefficient determines the energy consumption of doors and windows, and the design of profile sections is very important.

The fonirte doors and windows are made of aluminum-clad profiles. Aluminum: The outer façade is made of aluminum gusset plate, which has the characteristics of high strength, deformation resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. Steel: all steel structure, window frame steel lining integration; plastic: inner façade is made of high quality PVC, high weather resistance, Low thermal conductivity. In addition, the innovative use of multi-cavity structure, three high-quality layer seals, etc., to achieve efficient and quiet energy.

2、Glass choice

Glass is used in building doors and windows. In our country, the history is long and the technology is relatively mature. According to different energy-saving indicators in different regions, different performance glasses can be selected to meet the requirements of energy saving. We know that the loss of energy is mainly caused by convection, conduction, and radiation. The glass is mainly the heat radiation loss energy, so when we choose the building door and window glass, we must choose the glass reasonably to ensure the energy saving of the whole building.

About  energy-saving doors and windows

In the configuration of hardware accessories for energy-saving system doors and windows, a multi-point locking system with good locking should be selected to ensure that the window and frame deformation are synchronized under the action of wind pressure, effectively ensuring the reasonable cooperation of the sealing materials, so that the sealing rubber strip can be used at any time. Maintain a good sealing performance under the pressure of strong state, and can not choose a cheap, simple single-point lock hardware configuration.

Fonirte doors and windows use hardware accessories that meet the polar view system, continuously improve the overall performance of the system doors and windows, using TPE automotive grade sealing strips, multiple lock points hidden design, window frame fully enclosed, 360 ° all-round protection, in airtight, watertight Excellent performance in terms of properties and wind pressure resistance.

 energy-saving doors and windows