Determine the quality of UPVC doors and windows

3 Apr, 2024

Good quality UPVC doors and windows not only have beautiful appearance, but also maintain stable performance for a long time and withstand the test of various environmental conditions.
Observe the profiles of doors and windows. High-quality UPVC profiles should have uniform color, no bubbles, cracks or impurities, and have good anti-aging properties. Secondly, check the hardware accessories of doors and windows. High-quality hardware accessories should be sturdy, durable and flexible to ensure the normal use of doors and windows. In addition, the assembly quality of doors and windows cannot be ignored. The welding corners should be neat, the sealing performance should be good, and there should be no air leakage or water leakage.
Consider the added value of doors and windows such as energy-saving performance and sound insulation performance. High-quality UPVC doors and windows usually have excellent performance in these aspects and can provide us with a more comfortable and healthy living environment.