Different  between  with  pvc  and  upvc

14 Sep, 2017

Different  between  with  pvc  and  upvc

Advantages of UPVC

Light: The proportion of UPVC material is only 1/10 of cast iron, transport, easy to install, and reduce costs.
Excellent chemical resistance: UPVC has excellent resistance to acid- base properties, in addition to close to saturation point of strong acid or strong Oxidising agents atmaximun.
Nonconductive: UPVC material can not conduct electricity, are not subject to electrolysis, the current erosion, should this without secondary processing.
Does not burn, nor combustion, no fire protection concerns.
Easy to install, low cost: cutting and coupling are very simple, using welding joins Practice has proved safe, easy operation and low cost.
Durable: anti-designate of the fine, the service life can reach 10-20 years.

PVC is polyvinyl chloride, is from 43% oil and 57% of the salt out of a synthetic plastic. Compared with other types of plastic products, PVC and more effective application of the raw material, reducing fuel consumption.
Meanwhile, PVC manufacturing energy consumption is very low. And the use of PVC in the latter products, can be recovered and converted into other new products or burned to obtain energy.
Will be added in the production of PVC stabilizer, but there are non- toxic and toxic stabilizers of the points, and only joined the class of toxic lead salt stabilizer, will produce risk.
But PVC products was mixed, some small businesses make use of lead salt stabilizer, it is difficult to achieve the relevant health standards. When consumers choose PVC material is preferably to a regular, guaranteed credit quality building materials market to buy, and requires detection of qualified report issued by the supplier.

upvc windows materials product advantages:

1. Good appearance

2. Excellent low-temperature impact performance

3. High weather,aging and UV resistance,heavy-duty quality

4. Lead free Upvc Profile

5. High welding strength

6. Outstanding heat and noise insulation effect

7. 3-7 chambers design, OEM available