Doors and Windows, performance first

22 Aug, 2019

Doors and Windows, performance first

The home is the place that the person rests, one mind wants to build sweet feeling and safe sense, return a home to be able to relax with all one’s heart.So, simple home outfit design is best, deserve to go up the natural color that makes a person heart quiet, mount on because of from time to time change “picture frame”, winter warm summer is cool, comfortable life is like an appointment and come.


And need to use a chic “picture frame” space, we should careful choice!

Nowadays, door window industry brand is numerous, product design is sundry, quality, craft, service is the decision-making factor when buying door window product, want the bedroom of halcyon warmth, healthy environmental protection clearly, know the importance of door window of a high performance.

Doors and Windows details


Jiejing adopts the high quality hardware supporting products independently developed, and constantly improves the overall performance of the system doors and Windows.

Sealing strip

Extreme view doors and Windows choose TPE automobile level sealing rubber strip, elastic, fixed extension is 3 times more than the ordinary rubber strip, and use the middle of a layer of rubber strip, 3 layers of rubber formed the potential of the Angle, from the structure to ensure the sealing of the window;Various styles and specifications of rubber strip with different profile interface, so that the profile and rubber strip more tight, in detail to ensure the sealing of the window.


High-performance doors and Windows, with its simple, excellent natural quality, increasingly inspire people to improve taste at the same time, feel the joy of returning to nature in daily life.

Doors and Windows are equipped with sealing strips, which can give full play to the effect of air conditioning and save energy in rooms with heating and cooling equipment;Doors and Windows are designed with full protection outside windowsill board, anti-reverse irrigation and drainage wing, independent drainage cavity, adopt TPE automobile level sealant strip, can completely isolate rain water from outside.