Extruded window profiles

6 Jul, 2017

With the PVC profiles of doors and windows processing industry is currently a strong momentum of development, the market demand for the color of doors and windows more and more prominent.


Now the market only color plastic doors and windows are roughly divided into three coloring process, and the most feasible coloring method is currently in Europe and the United States market is more popular extruded coloring process. Extruded coloring process is in the profile or doors and windows surface extrude special PVC-U profiles. Because this extrusion has a strong high-tech content, so that its weather resistance can reach 15 to 30 years. The biggest advantage of extrusion is strong hiding power, high hardness, good impact resistance, less prone to scratches. This profile also features double-sided extrusion. Indoor and outdoor color can be optional, which meet the individual needs of the market is very prominent. Color extrusion processing in Europe, the United States, Canada and other countries more popular.


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