Factors you need to pay attention to when choosing UPVC sliding windows

13 Oct, 2023

High-quality UPVC profiles, such as multi-cavity wall thickness formulas with anti-aging and anti-UV additives added, with smooth surfaces and bluish white colors, can effectively improve the anti-aging performance of windows and extend the service life of windows.
It is necessary to pay attention to the assembly quality of doors and windows, such as whether the appearance is smooth and undamaged, whether the welding angles are clean and tidy, whether sliding windows can be pushed and pulled flexibly, whether casement windows can be opened freely, whether doors and windows are tightly sealed, whether the hardware is complete and whether there is a steel lining, etc.
Glass and hardware: The glass should be smooth and without water lines. The glass and plastic profiles should not be in direct contact, and there should be sealing strips to close the gaps. The hardware is complete, the position is correct, the installation is firm, and the use is flexible.
The design of the drainage hole (system) of the sliding window is also a sealing category. If the drainage hole is improperly designed, it may cause drainage and wind whistle problems. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the drainage holes are complete and whether drainage hole covers or hidden drainage systems have been installed.
Generally speaking, good UPVC sliding windows have higher plastic quality, lining steel quality, and hardware quality, and their lifespan can reach more than ten years. Therefore, these quality factors need to be taken into account when considering price factors.