Five Ways distinguish between good and bad UPVC profiles

6 Sep, 2017

Five Ways distinguish between good and bad UPVC profiles


First, look at the product brand of UPVC profile. FONIRTE PVC profiles are generally inexpensive lead salt stabilizer is the main raw material. This material lead, entitled “PVC profiles.” FONIRTE UPVC profiles is used non-toxic pollution, environmental compliance thiol organotin stabilizer T-137, entitled “UPVC profile”


Second, look at packaging and labeling. See product packaging or on the tab marked product name, performance standards, name and address, quality grade, etc. As the basic content of labels are complete, whether text or images chromatic ghosting or bias. Such as packaging and labeling incomplete content, text or graphics overlay ghosting or deviation must be small sections of production, it is best not to buy.


Third, look at the quality inspection certificate. After selecting the UPVC profiles must be accountable to the dealer to ask for product quality inspection certificate. If the certificate or inspection report test items marked with a lead component, prove that the products are UPVC profile. 


Fourth, look at the color of the product. Fonirte PVC profiles white color, although white, but gives a very intuitive feeling “stunned” that was in the dark or white through blue, smooth feeling very strong, after a period of time due to atmospheric sulfur and sulfide contamination gradually grayish black. FONIRTE UPVC profile pure color, like ivory, crystal clear and smooth feel soft, penetrate into the inside feeling, by atmospheric sulfur and sulfide contamination nor grayish black.


Fifth, look at the results. Lead salt PVC profiles under the sun light and heat, long-term effects, surface lead dust can cause lead poisoning and lead contamination. Lead enters the human body, in addition to some by feces, sweat, most of the precipitation in the bone marrow, dissolves into the blood, bone marrow hematopoietic system damage, brain and urinary system and reproductive organs. Lead can also hinder the body’s synthesis of blood, leading to anemia, headache, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, constipation, limb pain and other symptoms. Using an organic tin-based UPVC profiles does not have the symptoms.