Focus on the Quality, Strength Across Time and Space|FONIRTE–UPVC Profile Manufacturer

13 Jul, 2017

In July 12, 2017, our guests Mano and Balaji came to China again .Three years ago ,they knew FONIRTE through foreign-trade friends . This time, they came to understand FONIRTE before the Internet information wave coming. It is a consensus and responsibility that it’s necessary to expand both understanding through the Internet and deepen the relationship to build the best quality.


Mano and Balaji were invited to visit FONIRTE UPVC Plastic Industries and production base in this trip to China. Their company is a combination group with multi business , except the UPVC profile , they are also engaged in software R&D fields and clothing field, therefore, they have more strict requirements to the quality ,technology content ,annex and service .


Accompanied with Mrs Yu and International Department staff ,our guests visited the production workshop and warehouse, they also experienced themselves in the FONIRTE exhibition hall and finished windows workshop . During the visiting of windows and glass production lines ,the guests approved FONIRTE very much ,and praised FONIRTE production automation and its technology content ,they said they could learn a lot for their factory from FONIRTE .They alsohave much interest in the rainproof, windproof, burglarproof and some other high end product .



Focus makes best quality, strength will live through the space and time. After the in-depth understanding of each other, our guests are very confidence in FONIRTE’s company scale, complete profile drawing designs, perfect systematic service, and deliver the goods on time, it lies a solid foundation for the future long-term cooperation . After the confirmation of the order , our guests quickly reached the agreement with FONIRTE of price, logo design , and the series of profile .


India, as one of the rising powers in Asia, is developing rapidly in recent years in softwarefields and construction business . A successful entrepreneur must be a man of long – term vision. they could see through the reality with sharp eyes and foresee the future direction .Mano and Balaji have been in doors and windows manufacturing industry for three years ,and they want to have a long-term cooperation with powerful suppliers like FONIRTE, Not only could FONIRTE completely delivery the goods on time ,in the following cooperative process ,FONIRTE would supply the whole technique of doors and windows manufacturing and maintenance management concept to partners according to the UPVC profile demand of India consumption market . We would like to help our partners solve the door and window project construction and provide the comprehensive solutions for operation and maintenance to ensure our partners max benefits , Finally ,both of two sides would develop fast and achieve a win-win cooperation .