How to choose the net sash for the windows

30 Sep, 2019

How to choose the net sash for the windows

        1. The net sash for the windows is many kinds.How to choose the net sash for the windows? Such as screen\ frame\Device and The construction.
  1. To check the quality of the window screen, depending on whether its eye hole is even. For example, the high-quality glass fiber anti-mosquito yarn imported from the United States has 16×18 holes per square inch (25.4 square centimeters). The eyelet is slightly rectangular, and the shape of the eyelet is neat and tidy. There is no size. Uniform, thick and thin.
    Touching the hand screen to touch the screen, the hand feels very scratchy, like the ironing with the iron, the quality is good; and the domestically produced fiberglass window screen is soft and not collapsed.
    The cost of domestic glass fiber window screens is only 2 yuan and 3 yuan per square meter, while the imported high-quality glass fiber window screens cost 12 yuan to 13 yuan, so it is necessary to prevent shoddy filling.
  2. Construction  The construction of the screen window is also an important point in the price difference.

Roller shutters can be opened for ease of use. But in addition to being free to open, the core is the sealing performance is good, when closed, it is completely closed, there can be no gap, otherwise what is the use, if the mosquito can get in.

net sash for the windows
A good roller blind screen, the window screen is made of nylon silk, and the device has a positioning rod in the guide rail. It is easy to open and seal, and it can resist strong winds.
The rolling screens for cutting corners often save a process. The top rails are placed with tops, and the window screens are directly inserted. When the strong wind blows, the yarn is scraped open, and the natural mosquitoes enter the gap and do not play the role of mosquitoes.
Therefore, pay attention to the purchase, pull a pull, the screen will not come out.

Other  aspects  about   the net sash for the windows

  1. Device
    The so-called device is mainly a stop device.
    There is a box at the end of the roller blind screen. When it is necessary to prevent mosquitoes, the window screen is gently pulled to the bottom, embedded in the bead, the screen window is completely sealed; the window screen is pulled up, and the window screen will be wound into the window box. If there is a stop device, to what extent the screen window is opened, it will stop there, so as not to be completely received in the window box, but also climb up with a stool to pull it down, convenient!
    Also note that if the screen window is mounted outside the glass window, the parts of the self-locking device that are to be stopped should be aluminum alloy.
  2. Frame
    The frame of the rolling screen window is made of spray-coated aluminum alloy, which is called the color aluminum. Generally, there are a variety of colors to choose from, and the right color can be chosen to be exactly the same as the color of the window at home.
    The quality of the aluminum alloy frame is to see its thickness, good at 1.2 mm. If the frame profile is not in place, it will be deformed in five or six months. When it is opened, it is inconvenient to open.
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