How to identify the quality of plastic steel doors and windows?

22 May, 2024

Material observation:
Observe the color of plastic steel profiles, good plastic steel doors and windows color should be uniform, consistent, no color difference.
The surface of high-quality plastic steel doors and windows should be smooth and delicate, without defects such as bubbles, cracks, and impurities.
Check the wall thickness of the profile, usually the wall thickness of high-quality plastic steel doors and windows should meet the relevant national standards.
Sealing performance:
Check whether the sealing strips of doors and windows are in good condition and whether they are tightly attached to the door and window frames.
Try to open and close the doors and windows and feel whether the switch is smooth and whether there is a gap when it is closed.
Hardware accessories:
Observe the material of hardware accessories, good hardware accessories should be strong, durable, not easy to rust.
Check whether the installation of hardware accessories is firm and loose.
Machining accuracy:
Observe whether the assembly of doors and windows is tight, whether the gap is uniform, and there should be no dislocation.
Check whether the corners of the doors and windows are light.
Check the quality of the glass, whether there are bubbles, impurities and other defects.
Ask whether the glass has safety certification, such as 3C certification.
Brand and Warranty:
Choose well-known brands of products, usually these brands of product quality is more secure.
Check the warranty period and after-sales service policy of the product to ensure that there is a perfect after-sales guarantee after purchase.
Price Factors:
Don’t blindly pursue low prices, because too low prices may mean a reduction in product quality.
Under the premise of reasonable price, choose cost-effective products.