How to judge the durability of UPVC doors and windows when buying them

27 Mar, 2024

First of all, pay attention to the quality and formula of UPVC profiles. High-quality UPVC profiles should have a multi-cavity design, thick walls, and anti-aging agents and anti-UV additives added to the formula. Such profiles can remain non-aging, discolored and deformed in the outdoor environment, thereby ensuring the long-term use of doors and windows. On the contrary, if the color of the profile is yellow, it may mean that its formula contains too much calcium. Such doors and windows have weak sun protection capabilities, are prone to aging, cracking, and have poor durability.
Secondly, check the hardware accessories of doors and windows. The quality of hardware directly affects the durability of doors and windows. High-quality UPVC doors and windows usually come with metal-made hardware that is strong and durable. Inferior doors and windows may use plastic hardware, which has hidden risks in terms of quality and lifespan.
Additionally, observe the installation quality and detailing of doors and windows. Good UPVC doors and windows should be smooth and firm without shaking when installed. At the same time, the details of doors and windows are also very important. For example, the installation of sealing strips, glass beading and other components should be tight, smooth, and seamless. If these details are handled well, the durability of doors and windows can be greatly improved.
Finally, choose a well-known brand and a manufacturer with a good reputation. Well-known brands and reputable manufacturers usually focus on product quality and after-sales service, and can provide high-quality UPVC door and window products and complete after-sales guarantee. In this way, even if problems occur during use, they can be solved and repaired in time.