Improve your thermal insulation with the best windows

13 Sep, 2017

With windows made from Fonirte Upvc Window and Door Profile, the heat stays outside the building – thanks to their very good thermal insulation properties. That ensures not only a comfortable living climate, but also lower cooling bills from air conditioning and significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Windows made from Fonirte uPVC profiles are suitable for low energy houses and energy-conscious renovation of older buildings.

Whenever there is a pressure difference between the inside and outside (driven by wind or temperature difference), air will flow through cracks between window assembly components. The air leakage properties of window systems contribute to the overall building air infiltration. Infiltration leads to increased heating or cooling loads when the outdoor air entering the building needs to be heated or cooled. Air leakage also contributes to summer cooling loads by raising the interior humidity level. Operable windows can be responsible for air leakage between sash and frame elements as well as at the window/wall joint. Tight sealing and weather stripping of windows, sashes, and frames is of paramount importance in controlling air leakage. All Fonirte uPVC systems are tested for the best performance under extreme weather conditions and are best suited for India.

Top-Performing, Sustainable uPVC Window and Door Designs

Fonirte High-performance uPVC windows and doors outperform the alternatives in thermal ratings. uPVC is a natural insulator, sealing cooled air inside your building structure. Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, Fonirte makes the most intelligent use of increasingly scarce raw materials, while delivering window and door designs that perform at the top of industry standards for thermal insulation, sound insulation and burglary resistance.

The comfort and safety of home is more than a strong roof and sturdy walls. The right design and installed windows & doors can make a great difference to a home not only aesthetically but also to bring in plentiful lights, sufficient air circulation, effective thermal and sound insulation and security.

High performing uPVC window designs from Fonirte are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. They lend an element of style complemented by functionality for a solution that fits the needs and expectations of homeowners who demand the most from their windows.