In stock hot sale waterproof Fireproof click lock embossed Texture PVC Virgin Material spc flooring tile

3 Jun, 2020

In stock hot sale waterproof Fireproof click lock embossed Texture PVC Virgin Material spc flooring tile

Product Parameter



Click Lock SPC Flooring


 6″ x 36″ / 7″X48″ / 9″ x 48″


 4.0mm / 4.5mm / 5.0mm / 5.5mm/ 6.0mm

 Wear Layer

 0.3mm / 0.5mm

 Surface Treatment

 UV Coating

 Surface Texture

 Embossed / Hand-Scraped


 I4F Click


 Waterproof / Anti-Slip / Wear Resistant / Fire Retardant / Sound Barrier


 Easy Click to Install / Labor Costs Saving / Super Stability / Eco Friendly


 Reisdential 25 years , Commerical 10 years 



Product Advantage

1)Waterproof and Dampproof 

As the main component of SPC is stone powder, so it performs well with water, and mildew will not happen with high humidity.

2)Fire Retardant 

According to the authorities, 95% of the victims were burned in the fire caused by the toxic fumes and gases. The fire rating of SPC flooring is NFPA CLASS B. Flame retardant, not spontaneous combustion, leave the flame automatic out in 5 seconds, won’t produce toxic of harmful gases.

3)No Formaldehyde 

SPC is high quality stone power & PVC resin, without harmful material such as benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metal.

4)No Heavy Metal, No Lead Salt

The Stabilizer of SPC is Calcium zinc, no lead salt heavy metal.

5) Dimensionally Stable 

Exposed to 80° heat, 6 hours—Shrinkage ≤ 0.1%; Curling ≤ 0.2mm

6) High Abrasion 

SPC flooring has a transparent wear-resisting layer, whose revolution is up and higher than 10000 turns.

7) Superfine Anti-sliping 

SPC flooring has special skid resistance and wear-resisting layer of the floor. Compared with common floor,SPC flooring has higher friction when it’s wet.

8) Low requirement of subfloor 

Compared to traditional LVT, SPC flooring has a distinct advantage because it is rigid core, which can hide many imperfections of subfloor.




Fonirte Group is professional manufacturer of quality u-PVC profile , Aluminium profile, windows and SPC flooring, we are engaged research and development, production, sales, real estate development. The group was established in 1998, currently owns total assets of 580 million yuan, with total manufactory construction area of 100,000 square meters, more than 580 employees.

 The introduction of the world’s advanced production equipment more than 200 sets, Formation scale of annual output of 300,000 tons of ecological wood-plastic composite materials、aluminum profile、upvc profile and 500,000 sets of Eco-home products.


Fonirte material with zero formaldehyde, waterproof, fireproof, anti moth, sound and thermal insulation, 100% recycling and other characteristics, has both economic and environmental benefits and social benefits, is the national focus on the promotion of “wood” demonstration project, the ecological development of WPC products bring a need to cut down trees the green revolution for the field of building materials.


We offer an extensive array of home improvement products,  Our state-of-the

art automated machinery not only allows us to consistently manufacture to the highest possible standard, but also offer extremely quick and hassle-free turnarounds.We have an experienced design and manufacturing team who are more than happy to cater advice specific to your individual needs, while always ensuring that every aspect of the design process is covered, right through to installation.


Our Vision

To provide our customers with top quality of all extruded profiles in windows/ doors, and we also provide WPC floor, LVT floor, SPC floor, the whole cabinet, closet, bathroom cabinet, architectural templates, outdoor landscape etc. for very competitive prices.


Our Mission Statement

At Fonirte we are committed to provide top quality Eco-friendly and energy efficient u-PVC

windows and doors, SPC flooring, manufactured in Jining by our dedicated and highly experienced staff, using the Germany technology, the art facility and equipment to deliver the Top quality and new designs with the most competitive prices for all our customers.


Fonirte( 福娜尔特)作为集团总公司之一是优质u-PVC型材,铝型材,窗户和SPC地板的专业制造商,我们从事研发,生产,销售,房地产开发。集团成立于1998年,目前拥有总资产5.8亿元,工厂总建筑面积10万平方米,员工580余人。

Fonirte材料具有零甲醛,防水,防火,防蛀,隔音和隔热,100%可回收等特点,具有经济和环境效益及社会效益,是国家重点推广的“木材”示范工程, WPC产品的生态发展带来了砍伐树木的需求,这是建筑材料领域的绿色革命。




福娜尔特 SPC石塑地板已成为出口美国,加拿大,澳大利亚,欧洲等发达国家的高端家装地板品牌的杰出代表之一。