In stock hot sale waterproof Fireproof click lock spc flooring tile

20 May, 2020

In stock hot sale waterproof Fireproof click lock spc flooring tile








Nature is life, is finest, nothing surpasses the glory of the floors, when it comes to atmosphere and elegance in your home.

The exceptional beauty never tires.

With its natural color features of strength and warmth, Vinyl floor are an ideal basis for any interior. For these years the Xiaguang Group behind us have been the leader in China Quality, Design and Innovation, only with the in-depth knowledge and experience of the vinyl floors industry from row materials to floor you can enjoy a lifetime with your vinyl tiles.

Our range is divided in three categories LVT, WPC and SPC flooring. All made from the finest vinyl and others raw materials, all character of wood patterns are carefully selected to create the right atmosphere, step into our world of flooring and explore the possibilities of adding nature to your home.

Supporting the Following Organisatyions

FONIRTE Flooring and its partners are committed to meeting the highest standards and all our flooring ranges meet CE requirements. Being a company that also has full chain of custody accreditation we are also able to offer, on request and subject to availability, a range of flooring materials with ISO certification, please ask for further details.

Innovative Thinkings

The wide choice of variety of our design driven floor collection makes the very best use of the latest technologies and production techniques, but also delivers a premium locking system to ensure trouble free installation.

Ideal for both home and commercial applications our vinly flooring incorporates the latest Unilin Click system helping make installation a breeze and leaving you with a highly attractive, strong and secure floor. The strength and stability of vinyl floor also makes it an ideal choice where underfloor heating is required.



basic locking

UNICLIC is the industry’s traditional glueless locking technology for installation of flooring and wall panels. No other click system can match its simplicity and efficiency. It works in all kinds of materials as effective as it does in laminate.

  • Locking profile for both long and/or short sides of the panels
  • Fast and simple installation in all possible ways (angling and snapping)
  • Strong locking ensuring seamless joint and no height difference
  • Simple and flexible production
  • Extensive patent protection thanks to cooperation agreements with Vdlingeand WindmollerUNILIN


    No other click system can match its simplicity and efficiency. It works in all kinds of materials as effective as it does in laminate.

    • Laminate
    • Engineered: 3-layer, multilayer, HDF core, bamboo
    • Solid: wood, bamboo, strandwoven bamboo
    • Resilient:PVC, IVT, WPC
    • Others: cork, leather, OSB,…


    • Recognised and respected die technology
    • Fast and simple installation
    • Two installation options allow installation In all situations
    • Strong locking ensures stability over time even In tough conditions


    ,Technical advantage: simple production set-up, adjustment and control leading to best profile in the industry

    • Commercial advantage: reference glueless locking system for flooring and walls thanks to its technical supremacy
    • Legal advantage: extensive patent protection


    Bevels and V-grooves

    Resilient locking profiles


    » UNICLIC – the famous standard locking profile adapted for resilient products.

    » UNIPUSH – the most intuitive to install and easiest to produce push-down technology.

    » UNIFIT – highest fold-down standard in locking on the market now available with herringbone (UNIFIT X®).

    UNIUN’s bevels technologies enhance laminate, LVT and WPC flooring products by giving them typical plank effect. Manufactured through several techniques, the panels* edges give the visual effect that genuine solid planks have been rendering for centuries.

    • UNILIN invented and patented several bevel technologies that are made available to our license partners
    • UNILIN offers you to produce beveled products on the basis of different production technologies, applicable to laminate, LVT and WPC flooring
    > Fast and Intuitive Installation. Easy disassembly possibleJ
    ► Strong locking ensures stability over time even in tough conditions7x/
    ► Compatible with bevels/V-groove\Z7\Z
    > No height differencesx/7
    » Fold-down installation still possible even when planks are cut along their length77
    ► Various installation options allow for ladder all possible situations and patterns (herringbone)
    > Technical advantage: simple production set-up, adjustment and control leading to best profiles in the industry7
    * Commercial advantage: reference glueless locking systems for flooring thanks to their technical supremacyV\Z
    »Exceeding highest standard of IndustryV
    » No need for additional equipment and material (eg Insert machines and inserts)7\/
    ► No impact on production efficiency: lines can run at normal speed\Z7x/




    • Intuitive locking making the installation of flooring quick and easy
    • Strong locking along the entire profile ensures stability over time
    • Fold-down installation still possible even when planks are cut along their length


    • No need for additional equipment and material (eg insert machines and Inserts)
    • No impact on production efficiencies:lines can run at normal speed
    • Flexibility In panel widths remains


  • By angling the long side of the panel in, the panel can be connected on the short side simply by pushing the panel down on the short side. No additional materials (eg inserts) or equipment are necessary to produce UNIPUSH.
    • Disassembly possible
    • Horizontal and vertical locking along the entire width of the panel
    • No additional material (eg Inserts) necessary to create locking
    • Easy integration in existing production lines. No additional equipment necessary
    • Extensive patent protection including Valinge, Pergo, Hulsta and Classen fold-down patent rights

    ► Best technical performance among all



  • Floor installation should be a fast and simple process with perfect results every time. That means no gaps between the boards, no uneven ess and no squeeking sounds. Equally important, the floor should remain perfect for the lifetime ofthe floor.
  • Our range of locking systems provides an industry standard for installing floors. Since no flooris alike, we have developed solutions that are optimized for all flooring products, widths and thicknesses.
  • Fastest and easiest installation
  • Strong locking provided by plastic tongue
  • Works with all materials and widths
  • For thicknesses down to 4 mm
  • Large tolerance window



  • Fast and easy installation
  • Strong locking with integrated locking element
  • For LVT/WPC and laminate
  • 30% stronger than other one- piece solutions
    • Works with all materials
    • For long and short side
  • 5G is the brand for our globally recognized locking systems used by more than 100 floor producers around the world. With 5G, floor installation has never been easier. These locking systems are based on a single action installation method suitable for all types and widths of floor products.The boards are locked on the long side with a traditional angling method. On the short side, the different versions ofthe 5G locking systems enable simple and fast installation by vertical snap (5G Original / 5G-i) or side push (5G-S and 5G-W) without the need of any tools.
  • For LVT/WPCAs a panel is folded down, a locking strip is smoothly pushed downwards due to each panel*s guiding surfaces. When the guiding surfaces have passed each other, the locking strip flexes back and thereby pulls down the folded panel into locked position.
    • Fast & easy
    • Strong
    • No shifting of short or long side needed
  • Nowadays LVT flooring has been very popular in Europe and the United States home and commercial environment, because of its excellent properties, many color changes by designers attention. A variety of colors and patterns of change gives wood a deeper meaning.The LVT flooring is environmentally friendly products, 100% recyclable materials, compared to solid wood flooring, we recommend the use of vinyl flooringo
  • In color, we not only carefully selected, but also accept the choice from customers.And now is not only the wood pattern, more color varieties have come out, such as: carpet pattern, marble pattern, mosaic pattern, cloth pattern, etc.
  • WPCFlooring


1 Surface layerPUR anti<cratch enhanced coating
2 Wear LayerPVC polymer resin wear*fK<st>ng layer
3 Pattern LayerPVC fabric pattern printing layer
A Core LayerPVC high molecular gn with calcium powder
5 Bace Laye<PVC high molecular resrn
6 WPCLay«rPVC high molecular gn with wooden powder


SPC flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite.

And FONIRTE’S SPC floor is designed to exceed.

The main component is lime stone (calcium carbonate)+ PVC Powder + Stabilizer. Different from regular vinyl floor, there is no plasticiser inside, so it is more environmentally friendly. SPC flooring mainly structured with the UV Coating , abrasion resistant paper ^decorative paper film and core board. Meanwhile IXPE& CORK option available for high end usage.

Be otherwise similar vinyl floor, but the production process is simpler, shorter production cycle time. Because of the high density of the SPC floor, it is more stable than the LVT floor.

SPC flooring is even more vivid to processing the marble & carpet patterns,Embossing surface is more varied

Beautiful Visuals. Perfect Floor.

SPC Rigid floor一 is the next evolution in sheet vinyl flooring. With advanced printing and texturing technologies, Everjoy is the best-looking, best-performing sheet vinyl floor in the market.

Each product of Everjoy provides a broad range of natural designs, from realistic wood grains to elegant stones and rustic slates ■ choose the one that suits your lifestyle and your home.

E.I.R. Surface SPC

Now most manufacture in China produce SPC Vinyl flooring by first extruding the substrate, and then using a 4-roll calendar to laminate the wear-resistant layer, the color paper, and the substrate at one time. The surface type of SPC flooring is mainly based on deep embossing.

FONIRTE owns technology and high-end press equipment, and creatively realizes the effect of Embossed In Register pattern on the surface of SPC Vinyl flooring.



of Resilient Flooring

s100% WaterproofGreatOkGood
Dimensional StabilityGreatOkGood
Stable in high/low temperatureGreatOkGood
Installation on any surfaceGreatOkGreat
Superior scratch resistanceGoodGoodGood
Perfect sound absorbentGoodPoorGreat
Pet proofGoodOkGreat
Easy to installYesYesYes
Stable in rooms with sun lightGreatOkGreat
Core free of formaldehydeGreatGreatOk
Indentation & impacts resistanceGreatOkGood


Creat A combination of a superb appearance with the best technical benefits ensure a lifetime of pleasure in you dream house.

To create a space where you feel at home, where parents with children and friends can gather and enjoy being. Or where you have the space and atmosphere to do your work. That is a combination of all the elements in the interior. This request attention, focus and identity and first and foremost an idea, a desire.

Once the idea is set, the selections for each individual element of the interior can be made.

One of the most prominent details of any room is the floor. Nothing contributes so much elegance, character and atmosphere as a vinyl floor. From Eastern to Western minimalistic to traditional rustic to classic, all styles have benefited from the use of wood patterns thru the decades of interior design development.

EVERJOY Eco-tiles has made some interesting additions this year. New trendy colours, as well as the traditional classic colours have now more than ever been available in every possible product category.

Every beginning is always difficult. The start of a project requires ideas and inspiration.

Internet and design magazines can help you with ideas for crafting the dream. And after that the selection process can start.

A combination of a superb appearance with the best technical benefits ensure a lifetime of pleasure in your dream house. ENJOY Eco-tiles aspiring creates the most beautiful interior products in wood.

Most of the products installed over the years are still in use today. That can only be the case if nature itself is strong enough. Because the only thing we do is to craft nature in such a way that it gives your home space a natural habitat.



Tile DimensionsEN427

GB/T 4085





Thickness Over AllEN4282.0mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm

4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm

6.0mm, 6.3mm, 8.0mm

Thickness Wear layerEN4290.1 5mm, 0.3mm, 0.55mm
Pell Strenght of layersEN431Pass
Shear Forces of layersEN432Good
Residual IndentationsEN433Mean Value w0.1 mm
Dimension StabilityEN434Shrinkage m0.1 2%

Curling ^1 2mm

Resistance to ChemicalsEN423Class 0
Castot Chair ContinuousEN425No Disturbance

No Delamination

Light FastnessISO105 B0226
Resistance to FireASTM E84-03NFPA Class B1
Slip ResistanceDIN 51130R9


Home class: 21 -23, Commercial class: 31 -34, Industry class: 41-43

Commercial Class Standard:

  • MODERATE – Intermittent or low frequency use of commercial areas. (Hotel bedroom, Meeting room).
  • GENERAL – Medium flow of commercial areas. (Class room, Office, Library).
  • HEAVY – Frequently used commercial areas. (Market, College).
  • VERY HEAVY – Very busy and heavy use of commercial areas. (Airport hall. Supermarket).

Industrial Class Standard:

  • MODERATE – Intermittent or lew frequency use of industrial areas. (Assembly workshop, Garment factory).
  • GENERAL – Medium flow of industrial areas. (Class room, Office, Library).
  • HEAVY – Frequently used industrial areas.
  • Available in beautiful Oak & Ash and produced in a selection of different length, widths and finishes. Vinyl is commonly planked boards varying from 150mm-230mm in width, which gives you a greater opportunity for tailor your floor to suit your needs. Vinyl flooring creates a feeling of ambiance, style and warmth like no other, over time and through natural use actually becoming more and more unique.

    Your vinyl floor will give warmth, style and value for generations. An extensive range of unfinished & fully finished are available, from Flat, Cloud, Wooden, Hand scratched Ax cut wide variety of emboss surface finishes.

    whatever your needs, FONIRTE Eco Tiles can provide a wide selection of vinyl floor that will create a truly individual look in your home and be enjoyable for many years to come.

    QINGDAO FONIRTE INDUSTRY co.,ltd, is a engaged research and development, production, sales, real estate development as one of the group of companies. The group was established in 1998, currently owns total assets of 580 million yuan, with total manufactory construction area of 100,000 square meters, more than 580 employees.

    The introduction of the world’s advanced production equipment more than 200 sets, Formation scale of annual output of 100,000 tons of ecological wood-plastic composite materials and 500,000 sets of Eco-home products.

    Company’s products mainly use green wood plastic composite materials and three recycle residues and PVC resin powder formed by the fusion of high-tech means, the main varieties of ecological interior door, WPC floor, LVT floor, SPC flooring, the whole cabinet, closet, bathroom cabinet, architectural templates, outdoor landscape etc.

    The material has: zero formaldehyde, waterproof, fireproof, anti moth, sound and thermal insulation, 100% recycling and other characteristics, has both economic and environmental benefits and social benefits, is the national focus on the promotion of “wood” demonstration project, the ecological development of WPC products bring a need to cut down trees the green revolution for the field of building materials.



  • FONIRTE SPC Rigid SPC Flooring

    Composition: 30-35% Polyvinylchloride/ 60-65% Calcium Carbonate/ 3,5-4,8% Stabilizer/1-1,2% Lubricant

    Thickness: 2,0 — 8,5 mm Mass per unit area: 3,9 — 16,9 kg/m2

    Colour: Grey/ Black/ White


    Weishan Economic Development Zone, lining, Shandong Province, China

    Technical specification:

    EN 14041:2004/ AC:2006 Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings

    Essential characteristics (Art. 4.1 Reaction to fire, Art. 4.3 Formaldehyde emission, Art. 4.5 Slip resistance)

    Test method:

    • EN 13501-1:2007 + Al:2009 Fire classification of construction

    products and building elements Part 1: Classification using test data from reaction to fire tests (EN ISO 11925-2, EN ISO 9239-1)

    • EN717-1:2004 Wood-based panels Determination of formaldehyde release Part 1: Formaldehyde release by the chamber method
    • EN 13893:2002 Resilient, laminate and textile floor coverings Measurement of dynamic coefficient of friction on dry floor surfaces


    Reaction to fire

    Formaldehyde emission

    Slip resistance

    class Bn si

    class El

    class DS

    Terms of protocol application:

    This protocol applies to the product mentioned above and can be used only for this

    product. The protocol must only be published in unshortened form. The Customer can publish a part of the protocol only if approved by the Notified Body 1021. The protocol remains in force as long as the conditions remain the same.

    This Protocol issued by Notified Body is only a part of the Performance Assessment

    Protocol and/but does not supply whole Performance Assessment Protocol.

    Number of pages: 5

    Brno, August 30th 2018

    Validity till: August 29th 2023

    RNDr. Pavel Malcik

    Managing Director