Industry Aluminum profiles for making light boxes.

28 Oct, 2020

Aluminium profiles from Aluminium-impress with their shape, function and material quality. Our core competence is the production of sophisticated aluminium profiles according to customer drawings: we produce aluminium tubes, bars and profiles perfectly and precisely customized to your requirements. With our three powerful extrusion presses, we are amongst the leading manufacturers of aluminium extruded profiles – for various cross-section sizes and geometries. We manufacture all our aluminium profiles, bars and tubes according to the extrusion standards DIN EN 754, DIN EN 755 and DIN EN 12020.

Upon request, we also finish and refine the surfaces of all products – whether through powder coating or a number of anodizing procedures.

Aluminum profiles for making light boxes. These light box profiles are supplied in standard and softline versions. The illuminated advertising profiles are delivered in 3 different widths, namely 100 mm, 170 mm and 200 mm. These light box profiles have a length of 6 meters and can be cut to size.

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