Insulated and energy-saving door and window

29 Jul, 2019

Insulated and energy-saving door and window

Insulated and energy-saving door and window, the aluminum alloy profile and UPVC profile mechanical connection of the profile, through the frame screw connection of the new door and window.

energy-saving door and window

Insulated and energy-saving door and window Thermal insulation technology

The thermal conductivity of plastic is low, and the heat insulation effect is 1250 times better than that of aluminum. In addition to good air tightness, in the cold area, although the outdoor is tens of degrees below zero, the interior is another world. The multi-chamber design of the door and window of the aluminum-clad molding system and the multi-directional blocking energy loss of the middle sealing strip.


 Insulating glass

The biggest advantage of insulating glass is energy saving and environmental protection, which can isolate noise and also insulate the penetration of hot air. Because the two glasses are hollow and inaccessible, the heat is naturally blocked.

The Fonirte windows and doors adopt automobile-grade hollow safety tempered glass and 3-4 layers of protection. The strength of this hollow glass is several times that of ordinary glass. It is resistant to rapid cooling and rapid heat performance, prevents thermal explosion, and uses special anti-radiation materials to protect indoors. Not to be attacked by ultraviolet rays, and never be afraid of the sun.

Multi-channel seal design

The pressure balance principle is used to achieve the sealing between the components at the interface of the door frame, and it is resistant to aging, corrosion and weathering, and can be unaffected by exposure to the sun or the cold.

The multi-layer seal of the door and window is equipped with TPE automotive grade sealing strip with excellent weather resistance. It has good sealing performance and is really cool in winter and cool in summer.


Fonirte curved doors and windows, aluminum-plastic molded multi-chamber structure and insulating glass, with heat-insulating, energy-saving, sound-proof and waterproof functions, compared with ordinary doors and windows, energy loss is reduced by 50%, even if blowing air-conditioning, do not worry about excessive electricity costs .

A door and window that is born of love is a good door and window for the home. Good doors and windows give you the comfort of the four seasons like spring.

 energy-saving door and window