Keys for choosing windows and doors

12 Aug, 2019

Keys for choosing windows and doors

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Doors and windows, two kinds of scenery, two kinds of life. It is an important part of home improvement. As a connection between indoor and outdoor, it can be the strongest or the most vulnerable, depending on your choice.

Advantages  of  windows  and  doors

Energy saving

In the purchase of windows, consumers should choose windows with good energy-saving performance. The function of energy-saving insulation window is to block the outdoor heat energy in the summer to save the electricity consumed by the air conditioner; in the winter, the indoor heat energy is left indoors to save the heating. Energy and costs consumed.

Fonirte beautiful doors and windows, using robotic intelligent production line for precision machining, innovative aluminum-clad profiles, low heat transfer coefficient, effectively reducing heat transfer through doors and windows, multi-chamber structure design, three TPE automotive grade sealing strips, three layers The high-quality insulating glass setting perfectly blocks the energy loss, so that the window truly shows sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and excellent functions. It saves a lot of heating and cooling costs, and the energy saving effect is remarkable, achieving the effect of “warm winter and cool summer”.

window  and  door

Fire resistance

Recently, several incidents of high-rise building fires have caused people to pay attention to the fire-resistance of windows. The external window of ordinary buildings, as the opening part of the building’s outer protective structure, is an important passage for the fire to jump upward. Therefore, it is an important measure to reduce the fire damage and casualties by improving the fire prevention capability of the exterior windows of the building in advance and effectively preventing the rapid spread of the fire.


There are many brands of windows on the market, and there are also many mixed products. If you use substandard products, after a quarter of use, the surface of the product will be yellow, and it will foam, easily deform and crack. When choosing a window.In addition to the selection of surface materials, but also look at the hardware used in the window, the hardware of high-end windows is mostly made of metal, which can directly affect the performance of the window. In addition, it depends on the assembly quality of the window.


After installation, please pay attention to check whether the whole window is deformed, whether the window sash is flexible, whether the window and the wall are firmly connected, whether there is a gap, and the protective film attached to the surface of the door and window should be removed in time.  In addition, residents who live in buildings with more than seven floors need to pay attention to the safety performance of doors and windows if they need to install external windows. The X1C series safety rocker outer opening window is compared with the ordinary American exterior window, and the frame fan profile is internally provided with steel. Lining, to ensure structural strength; using new weighted friction hinges and increased pulley design, bearing capacity up to 60kg, more flexible and more stable.