Maintenance and maintenance of UPVC profiles

11 Jan, 2024

UPVC profile is a high-quality building material widely used in construction, pipes, decoration and other fields. However, correct maintenance and upkeep is crucial to the service life and performance of UPVC profiles.
It is crucial to keep UPVC profiles clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to avoid damage to the profile surface. Use mild soapy water or a mild detergent for cleaning.
Regularly check the joints and fasteners of UPVC profiles. Make sure all connections are tight and not loose. If the connection is found to be loose or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
Special attention is required for the long-term storage of UPVC profiles. During long-term storage, profiles should be placed in a dry, well-ventilated place to avoid contact with corrosive substances. At the same time, turn or rotate regularly to prevent the profile from deforming or being damaged by pressure.