new material plastic window profiles

21 Sep, 2017

Plastic windows from the beginning to now has been using for decades, but for the manufacture of plastic window profiles of almost all of the resin is a rigid polyvinyl chloride (Upvc), color profiles are almost entirely white.

Main reason for this fact includes two aspects: First, a large PVC production (yield was the largest species, now second only to polyethylene and polypropylene door to third), has a good cost performance (overall performance is good, cheap); the second is the other color PVC profile different sodium other than white are prone to fading or discoloration.

Obviously, this status quo domination of white UPVC far from meeting people’s needs in terms of material properties and aesthetics of the building. In addition to color monotone, the Department of PVC Another disadvantage is poor heat resistance. Therefore, researchers have not given up research and development work for plastic window profiles of new materials.

Many plastics can be used to produce profiles, but only those who have excellent basic performance of UPVC, in some ways even more than PVC, while the price is not particularly high plastic could become the material of choice.