New Product Hot Selling pvc extrusion window mullion profile

1 Dec, 2022

UPVC Profile Door & Window is a kind of building doors and windows commonly used in our family. Plastic steel doors and windows occupy half of the market. White has always been the main color of plastic steel doors and windows. However, after several years of development, colored plastic steel doors and windows have become a new trend in market consumption. hot spot. Color plastic profiles are divided into several production methods and technical processes: color coating, color overall, and two-color co-extrusion. The first two methods are restricted by quality and cost, and their development is limited, while the two-color co-extrusion method is the focus of research. This method is to extrude two different colors of the same or different materials into a whole, forming many methods of PM-MA-PVC co-extrusion, ASA-PVC and PVC-PVC co-extrusion, which are optimistic for enterprises and the market.