Performance characteristics of plastic steel doors and windows

14 Jun, 2024

Insulation performance:
Plastic steel doors and windows adopt multi-cavity design, which makes it have good heat insulation performance.
The thermal conductivity is extremely small, only 1/357 of steel and 1/250 of aluminum, which means that it can effectively isolate the influence of outdoor temperature on indoor.
In the case of closing the plastic steel doors and windows, the indoor can be 10 degrees higher than the outdoor in winter, and 5-8 degrees lower than the outdoor in summer.
Physical Properties:
Multi cavity design, seamless welding forming process, making the doors and windows of the air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure and other physical properties superior.
The overlapping gap is sealed with rubber-plastic rubber strip and high-grade top strip, and the elastic double sealing process is adopted between the frame and the wall during installation, which further strengthens the physical properties of doors and windows.
Corrosion resistance:
Profile unique formula and has good corrosion resistance.
In the normal environment, the use of high-quality anti-corrosion treatment of hardware, and in corrosive environments (such as hospitals, chemical industry and coastal wet areas), the use of anti-corrosion hardware (engineering plastics), its service life is 10 times that of steel windows.
Weather resistance:
The use of UV absorbers and low-temperature anti-aging agents in PVC profile materials improves the weather resistance of plastic steel doors and windows.
Long-term use between -30 degrees to 70 degrees, hot sun, heavy rain, humidity and other changes in the environment, no discoloration, deterioration, aging, embrittlement and other phenomena.
Other performance:
Fire resistance: plastic steel doors and windows do not self-ignite, do not support combustion, self-extinguishing from fire.
Insulation: PVC is an excellent electrical insulator and does not conduct electricity.
Sound insulation: its structure is carefully designed, the seam is tight, the sound insulation effect is good, can sound insulation 30db, in line with the relevant standards.
Style diversity: plastic color is more colorful, surface coating can be made into a variety of imitation wood appearance, to meet the individual needs.
Affordable: The price of plastic is much lower than the same amount of alloy and metal material, which has obvious price advantage.