Plastic steel profiles have the following advantages

8 Nov, 2023

Cheap price: Compared with aluminum profiles with the same functions, plastic steel profiles are cheaper.
Rich colors: Plastic steel profiles can be produced in various colors, adding a lot of color to building materials, reducing the painting process and maintenance, increasing the scope of use, and increasing the visual effect.
Durable: Reinforced steel is added inside the plastic steel profile. After the strong improvement, it has the effect of earthquake resistance and wind erosion resistance. In addition, its multi-cavity structure allows independent drainage cavities, preventing water from entering the reinforced steel cavity, avoiding corrosion of steel sections, and directly extending the service life of doors and windows. The anti-UV function has also been improved, so you can use it with confidence even under strong UV rays.
Good thermal insulation effect: Since the thermal conductivity is worse than that of aluminum profiles, the design of the multi-cavity structure achieves the thermal insulation effect. In this way, if plastic steel is used in the room compared to aluminum profiles in summer, the temperature will be lower, while in winter it will be 8-15 degrees Celsius higher. .
Good sound insulation effect: During installation, the plastic steel has good sealing properties, so it can effectively block external noise and provide a living environment.
Corrosion resistance: Plastic steel profiles can still maintain strong corrosion resistance in environments with high humidity such as oceans and coastal areas.