Characteristics of Plastic Windows

18 Jun, 2019

Characteristics of Plastic windows and shopping tips
when the market began to focus on the Plastic doors and windows, it is found that plastic windows are not only the effectiveness of energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it is more advantages than other types of materials and windows. In this one, plastic windows gradually pushed home improvement craze. But many people still do not understand some of the characteristics of the plastic windows and prices today for everyone to popularize.

Advantages of pvc windows 

 Plastic windows insulation in all the windows are among the best materials, the thermal conductivity of composite materials of low thermal insulation than aluminum 1250 times higher. Coupled with good air tightness, insulation effect is very good. The effect of noise on the windows is tight joints, in full compliance with European and American standards. PVC windows are aluminum surface material in the impact resistance is relatively strong. Plastic windows and water tightness is very good, on the anti-rain effect is more than the national standard. UPVC material on the fire performance is relatively good.

The disadvantage of PVC windows
Rigid PVC material hardness is not enough, when the installation is need to increase the steel bars inside to increase the strength of the window. If relatively high in the fire protection requirements, it is not recommended for steel and aluminum materials better.

Plastic windows purchased
Among the many windows materials, PVC doors and windows market occupancy rate has been ranked in the forefront of a lot of material. PVC doors and windows on the use of properties, it is more convenient, and its indicators are to achieve a high level of national positions, people in the purchase of plastic doors and windows, you must need to go to a regular retailer or manufacturer to buy, so buy PVC doors and windows is to have more quality assurance.
In everyday use on windows choice, do not just blindly buy and use your favorite Italian materials and styles. In the window of choice, as far as possible the use of durable, and good performance in the use of material