Polymer sound insulation profile UPVC

18 Jun, 2024

It is a 1 kind of amorphous thermoplastic resin material based on the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer, which has better practical value in real life by adding certain additives (such as lubricants, fillers, etc.) and scientific blending modification methods.
Material characteristics:
UPVC, also known as hard PVC, is a thermoplastic resin made by the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer.
By adding a variety of additives, UPVC has excellent properties such as corrosion resistance and good flexibility.
As the 1 kind of polymer material, UPVC has the characteristics of light weight, good chemical resistance, no rust and so on.
Sound insulation function:
UPVC pipe has excellent sound insulation effect, its plastic thermal conductivity is only 1/100 of metal, making its sound insulation, heat insulation function is good.
Excellent sound insulation performance makes UPVC pipes particularly suitable for environments that need to reduce noise transmission, such as building sound insulation walls, sound insulation doors, sound insulation windows and other sound insulation facilities.
Application areas:
Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, UPVC pipe is widely used in industry, agriculture, food, medicine, civil engineering, fishery, aquaculture, garden irrigation and other fields.
In the water supply network, UPVC pipe has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and flexibility, especially suitable for liquid transportation.
UPVC drainage pipe is mainly used in building drainage, municipal sewage and rainwater drainage and other fields.
Other advantages:
UPVC pipe is light in weight, only 1/6~1/7 of metal pipe, easy to transport and install.
The non-spiral connection is adopted, the installation is convenient and the installation cost is low.
The pipe wall is smooth, the water flow resistance is small, the flow rate can be increased by 30%, no scaling, no bacteria.
The service life is long, usually up to 20-50 years.