Aluminum Frame Windows

Aluminum Frame Windows

Aluminum Frame Windows

Aluminum frame windows  strength and distinct feel of aluminum has made it timeless and the choice of architects and homeowners alike for windows and patio doors.Aluminum frame window is the future and that is evident from the major market shift towards furniture made of aluminum purely due to its superior properties, economy and contemporary appearance

Advantages of Aluminum Frames windows

  • Slim Profile
  • Durable
  • Narrow Sightlines
  • Low Maintenance

For a modern homeowner, aluminum frame windows are a great option. They’re durable and easy to maintain, and they have a slim profile. Thermal breaks are strategically put into different sections of the frame for a higher level of insulation, since aluminum is an effective heat conductor and energy efficient. These molded sections are usually screwed or welded together. Here are some of the top reasons to choose aluminum frame windows for your home:

  • Will not crack
  • Will not peel
  • Will not bend or warp
  • You can paint aluminum window frames
  • Durability: Aluminum is one of the most durable frame materials available and it will handle weathering and temperature changes well.
  • Aesthetic: Due to their slim design, aluminum windows are a sleek, attractive option for homeowners seeking a modern look. Although it requires more maintenance, aluminum frames can be painted.

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