Light quality 20mm polyethylene PE-RT floor heating pipe

Light quality 20mm polyethylene PE-RT floor heating pipe

Light quality 20mm polyethylene PE-RT floor heating pipe

PE-RT floor heating  pipe and fittings belong to “healthy environmental protection”greens products,it is non toxic,can be directly used in pure water,drinking water pipeline system

PE-PT pipe

  Items   Under floor heating PERT Pipe
   Brand   OEM,ODM
   Material   PE-RT
   Size   20mm,25mm


   White, red, yellow, brown, or customized
   Standard   ISO9001:2008
   Certification   ISO14001,OHSAS18001,ISO9001
   Application   For floor heating system
   Warranty Period   50 year

Advantages of  PE-RT  floor heating  pipe

1. Has good flexibility to facilitate the design of the economy, the production of pipe in the construction of the coil by winding and bending methods to reduce the use of pipe fittings to reduce construction costs;
2. Tube friction loss is small, this kind of tube conveying fluid capacity than the same diameter pipe 30%.
3. Burst temperature is low, the pipe has superior low temperature performance, so the construction of low temperature in winter can be applied, and the pipe without bending the preheating.
4. Can be hot melt connection and mechanical connection, reliable, no leakage.
5. Good environmental adaptability.
6. Light weight, easy to transport, installation, construction.
7. Light weight, good flexibility, available coil.
8. Green products, recyclable.
9. Hot-melt materials can be recycled, with environmental benefits.
10. Good chemical resistance, no rust, long service life.

11. In the working temperature of 70 degrees Celsius pressure of 0.4MPa conditions, can be safely used for more than 50 years.
12. Pipe in the production process does not add any toxic additives, the inner wall is smooth, non-scaling, does not breed bacteria, can be safely used in drinking water and other fields.
13. Good chemical resistance, long service life.
14. When the pipe is bent, the stress in the bent part can be slackened very quickly, so there is no “rebound” phenomenon, which is convenient for the construction operation.
15. Heat pressure is good.
16. High temperature resistance, under suitable pressure conditions can be used for 50 years.
17. Low temperature frost performance, and has excellent impact resistance, suitable for winter construction.
18. Non-toxic, tasteless, good health performance.
19. Impact resistance is 5 times that of PVC-U pipe.


Product range of applications:

1. Floor, wall, roof and road heating pipe system.
2. Industrial and civil architecture hot and cold water systems, indoor and outdoor heating geothermal water supply pipe network system.
3. Pure water, mineral water, drinking water, plumbing system.
4. Central air conditioning pipe network system.

Q1:Can I get the sample?

A: Yes. We would like to send the sample for you to check the quality for free.

 Q2: What is the time of delivery?

A: 5-10 days after the contract signed.

 Q3: Can you make the OEM products?

A: Yes. We can produce the products as customized.

 Q4: What is the term of payment?

A: Any payment is acceptable. Normally we suggest T/T, D/P and L/C.

 Q5: What is the MOQ?

A: For the pipe, the MOQ is 50 pieces. For the pipe fitting, the MOQ is 10 pieces. Welcome to place the trial order!


A customer can  enjoy ODM&OEM service, we also can design print logo and packaging


Most orders shipping by sea, if customer request or urgent order can shipping by air or other ways

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