PVC single glazing sliding windows

PVC single glazing sliding windows

PVC single glazing sliding windows

    PVC single glazing sliding windows


1、  Excellent heat preservation performance

 Plastic has heat conductivity factor, and has a heat insulation effect  1250 times better than aluminum material. 

 2、Good sound insulation performance

 Its structure is designed very well, with tight joints. The test result indicates that its sound insulation is <20db

3. Anti-aging

Imported denaturalizing agent is applied, and the agent for preventing UV rays absorption is added in the raw materials. The product does not discolor, and become aging or brittle even when it is exposed to direct sunlight, rainstorm, drying or humidity 
between -30°C and 70°C.

4. Good combustion-retarding performance
Plastic window is made of quality combustion-retarding material, and does not ignite itself or support combustion and can extinguish the fire by itself. So it is your ideal choice.

5. Resist impact

 Special impact-resisting design is applied, and the section  material can bear cold impact test of 1kg hammer dropping freely from one meter height at -10°C.

6. Good waterproof performance
Its water absorption is <0.1%. The doors and windows are designed to have rainproof plates and water drain slots, and can completely isolate the rainwater outside of your room.

7. Good anti-theft

 Plastic door and windows are provided with high-quality metal articles. Inside of windows will be fitted with glass strips according to the design so that thieves have no solutions.

8. Easy maintenance
 Plastic sections are not corroded and do not discolor or get yellow. They are not affected by ash, cement or binding agents, so they almost need no maintenance.

9. Good air tightness
 All the joints and gaps of the plastic windows are fitted with ternary sealing strips, and unit length of gaps can vent below 4m³mmhm. In the house equipped with cold and heating facilities, the plastic window can be fully jtilized as  air-conditioners, and can save energy.


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