Introduction of New Products of 82MM Upvc Profile For Casement Windows and Doors

Introduction of New Products of 82MM Upvc Profile For Casement Windows and Doors

Introduction of New Products of 82MM Upvc Profile For Casement Windows and Doors

MD82 Low  Energy  Fire  Window

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New Designed Introduction of New Products of 82MM Upvc Profile For White Casement Windows and Doors, Upvc Profile Manufacturer

1.   [MD82 Upvc Profile System]

MD82 Upvc Profile is a low energy fire window system with 7 chamber & 3 seal designed.The K-value of whole window are less than 1.10 which has three advantages: low energy, fire resist-ance,the hidden hinge can be mounted.



2. [MD82 Casement Window]
Outer-structural characteristics for 82mm upvc profile 
1>V-shape designing for glazing bead easy to be maintained and will not hurt the profile.
2>The maximum thickness of glass is 50mm, which can   be installed with different specifications of double glass, triple glass and four-glass insulating glass.
3>Co-extrusion HPEV ethylene strip makes the joint not shrink, improve sealing, save labor, smooth and beautiful
4>Large forehead design on window sash can prevent rainwater leakage.
5>16mm glass block with double chamber design to improve the strength and insulation.
6>The gap of strip is 5.5mm, which can improve the tightness and delay the fatigue and aging of strip. The new hidden hinge can be  assembled, so that the air tightness is much higher, and the surface more beautiful.

New Designed Introduction of New Products of 82MM Upvc Profile For White Casement Windows

New Designed Introduction of New Products of 82MM Upvc Profile For White and Laminated Upvc Casement Doors

Upvc Profile Manufacturer— Fonirte profile


[Inner structural characteristics]
7>The transverse cavity stabilizes the support glass and prevents the Upvc profile from being deformed.
8>An O-type strip is added between the glass and the frame/casement to form a three-chamber structure between the frame/casement and the glass to block convection and improve heat preservation and sound insulation.
9>There are 3 fire proof expansion strip chambers in opening sash to ensure the quality of fire-proof Windows.
10>The steel reinforcement size of frame, mullion and corner is standard square tube, which is convenient to purchase and reduce the cost.
11>The internal plane tilts downward by 5° to facilitate drainage.



[MD82 Structure ]
[MD82 Three Breaking Throughs in Fireproof:]
  1. Add 304 stainless steel fire strip to the opening part and the outside of the glass.
  2. Add three “interpenetration expansion strip” card slots at the opening part of the fan.
  3. The application of these two technologies, together with the corresponding fire materials and measures, which guaranteed the national standard of fire resistance of “MD82 fire window” greater than 1 hour.

Structure of 304 Stainless Steel Fire Strips

1.Stainless steel fireproof strips are added onto of the frame,sash and all the outer edge of glasses.     

2.Expansion strips and fire insulation strips inside of the fire proof strips.

3.The stainless steel fire insulation strips can bear 1400 °C, which greatly strengths the fire proof property of the whole.

fire proof upvc window


[Insert card slot]
  1. Three expansion strips’ rabbets are added onto the opening sash.
  2. It has changed the shortcomings of traditional expansion strip easy to roll edge and fall off.
  3. It will be easy to maintain. And will prevent leakage on installation and guarantee the quality and performance.
  4. No need to insert expansion strips during manufacturing casement window. Realized a multi – purpose.
[Four card slot design]
  1. Four “insert type expansion strip” card slots.
  2. 10mm*3 and 15mm*1 fire expansion strip can be inserted.
  3. In case of fire, expansion can fill the two Chambers of the opening part. Which will completely isolate smoke and harmful gases from entering the room.

inowa High Air-Tight Door
[Sectional drawing of inowa]



[Node drawing of inowa door]

inowa High Air-Tight Door
[Structure & Properties of inowa]
[Design Properties]
1.inowa high air- tightness door is the the superb uPVC door combining advantages of sliding doors and vertical hinged doors. Opened horizontally and can be closed by an easy push, inowa allows more space both indoors and outdoors, performing as well as the vertical hinged doors in air-tightness, water-tightness, heat-insulation and sound-insulation

2.The movable sash is outward, which not only provides better air and water tightness, but convenience for the screen door-installation indoors.

3.Convenient installation process: The sash is welded, and the frame as well as vertical mullion are screw-fixed, which simplifies the process of transporting and final installation.

4.Without the need for being jointed, inowa can achieve the design for 5m*3m doors, and a single sash can bear the weight up to 150kg. Its concise beauty makes inowa a perfect choice for living room doors, balcony doors and partition doors in modern buildings.


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