Upvc window 65A Crown Series

Upvc window 65A Crown Series

BEIDI UPVC PROFILES brings to you a range of gorgeous looking upvc home window designs

that will transform your home and protect you from the world outside by insulating against noise,

dust, rain, pollution and rising energy costs. Our innovative window solutions span across designs

ranging from sliders to casements bays tilt-and-turns villa until combination windows. You can

select any of these designs and customise them according to the interiors of your home. Come,

 explore our world of upvc windows, install them in your home and feel the difference .

Crown Series

The BEIDI Crown Series is a value priced product suited to meet your needs for living rooms,

bedrooms and kitchens. Prepared from a unique UPVC blend, this series is designed to handle

wind loads up to 2000* pascals, making it weather resistant, energy efficient, UV resistant, low

maintenance and outlast buildings. Products made from Crown Series retain their shape and

sheen for years together. Professional installation by the BEIDI installation team further ensures

insulation against noise, dust and pollution.


  • Made from UV resistant UPVC to withstand China’s extreme climate
  • Superior insulation from outside heat as UPVC is a poor conductor of heat
  • Very low thermal expansion/contraction, retains shape, sheen and color for years
  • Integrated insect screen solution to keep out mosquitoes and flies
  • Multipoint locks and air-tight seals keep out noise, dust, rain and pollution
  • Multi-chambered profiles, fusion welded joints and double/triple glazing options
  • Termite resistant and low maintenance; requires no painting, only routine cleaning
  • Sleek to look at, smooth to operate and long term durability


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