Modern Design Wood Grain Color Film Coated PVC Window.

Modern Design Wood Grain Color Film Coated PVC Window.

   Upvc Windows with Wooden Film

About Pvc windows, the company produce 60 pvc casement window & door, 65 casement window & door, 70 casement window & door. 60 sliding window & door, 80 sliding window & door, 88 sliding window & door, 92 sliding window & door, 112 sliding window & door.  On the window & door opening style, it has in-swing, out-swing, sliding, hung, folding style. 

What is the advantage of the upvc windows/doors for your home?

uPVC window provide outstanding insulation, and you can keep your home warm and comfortable throughout winter and cool and refleshing in summer.
uPVC window with double glazing is also a great shield against nosie, thicker window mean avoiding street noise and loud neighbours, and provide you with a better night’s sleep.
Weather Resistant
High quality uPVC windows and doors are tested for ultraviolet resistance to ensure they will not fade in the harsh sun. They do not crack, warp, rot, rust, and fade, no matter what weather conditions they are exposed to, you can use them successfully in coastal areas and desert areas.
High Security
uPVC windows incorporate multi-locking systems providing a high level of security for homes or businesses. Most uPVC window locking systems lock at multiple points all around the sash and frame.

    Pvc  window          FEATURES & BENEFITS

  • Improved ventilation as sashes can be moved left or right
  • Low friction between rollers and track for smooth sliding motion
  • Multi-track and sash options to cover larger spans
  • Available in variety of designs, colours and hardware
  • Optimised space usage as the sashes slide and do not open inwards
  • Air-tight seals to keep out noise, dust, heat and pollution.
  • Monsoon track for heavy rains, and hurricane bars for high speed winds
  • Add a finishing touch to your Fenesta windows and doors with our remarkable range of distinctive handle styles. Contemporary, stylish and smooth to operate they come in a variety of colour and finish options. Choose the one that matches the look of your window and door, complements the architecture of your home and define your signature style

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  • 1. More Than 10 Years Manufacturer Experiences
  • 2. Clients Cover Over 33 Countries
  • 3. Experienced Engineers Offer Best Options
  • 4. Customized design, material, size, color, glass, finish
  • 5. High Quality And Safe Materials
  • 6. Company covers 450,000 square meters
  • 7. With more than 800 employees
  • 8. Annual production capacity of over 100,000 tons
  • 9. Over 5 German technical experts
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