Wooden Color Profile

Wooden Color Profile

In order to satisfy the market’s and customers need,  From  white to colored profiles,  there are many 

options  to make  windows ,film and co-extrusion  profiles are  vivid and have  detailed  patterns 

we are factory,so we can accept ODM-OEM.so tell me the weather ,rain, sunshine ,temperature in

your country,we will change the percentage of material  to produce the profiles 


Why UPVC ?     

Can be designed as any shapes, and keep long term without changing;

Beidi use quality materials, thus the final products have 40 years weater resistance;

Upvc profile add bonus to the window’s corrosion and fire resistance;

Thermal Insulation:  203w/ m²k;

Sound Insulation: more than 40dB;

Water tightness: Best;

East to maintain and install;

Compared to wood window, aluminium window and steel window, same quality cheaper.


1.Good thermal insulation: thermal insulation effect of UPVC profiles are 1250 multiples to

aluminum profiles’

1. Good sound insulation: with reasonable chambers design, closely connection

2. Good Airtight: the airtight of UPVC windows&doors is good as they are installed with

brush bead and glazing bead for connection gap

3. Good Watertight : waterproof UPVC profiles

4. Good hire resistance: UPVC profiles don’t self-ignite and combustion-supporting.

5. Wind load press resistance: according to the local wind load press,building height,

structural opening measurement etc real factors UPVC windows&doors will be integrated

with steel with thickness from 1.3mm to 3mm.

6. Corrosion resistance: the main raw material is PVC, it is corrosion resistance.

7. Aging resistance: UPVC profiles with special recipe which induce the cold

resistance property.

8. Insulativity property

9. Reasonable price


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