How to Know and Choose Aluminium Profile

20 Jul, 2020

As we all know, aluminum alloy profiles are widely used in doors and windows, and many people are engaged in the door and window industry. Today fonirte will share some basic knowledge about aluminum alloy profiles.

Primary aluminum is collectively referred to as electrolytic aluminum in the market supply, which is the raw material for the production of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials. Aluminum is a metal with low strength and good plasticity. Except for some pure aluminum, it will be mixed into alloys in order to improve the strength or comprehensive performance. Adding an alloying element to aluminum can change its structure and performance. It is suitable for various processing materials or casting parts. The aluminum profiles used on doors and windows are also processed from this. Fonirte can provide all kinds of  aluminium profile used in window and door.

The more common aluminum alloy profiles are 6060, 6061, 6063.


The aluminum alloy is mainly composed of magnesium and silicon, with medium strength. It is widely used in aviation fixtures, trucks, tower buildings, ships, pipelines and other buildings that require strength, weldability and corrosion resistance.


It is an Al-Mg-Si series heat-treatable and strengthened aluminum alloy, which is widely used in building profiles, large-scale structural parts that require good corrosion resistance, trucks, ships, railway vehicle structural parts, conduits, and household appliances. Our fonirte Aluminium profile are ususally use this 6061.


The alloy is Al-Mg-Si series heat-treatable and strengthened aluminum alloy, which can be extruded into bars, profiles, and tubes. It is widely used in building structural materials and decorative materials, such as door frames, window frames, furniture, and decorative components of different colors such as airplanes, ships, light industry departments, and buildings.  Some customers want us to make use 6063 for aluminium profiles for window and door.

The above is the basic common sense of aluminum alloy profiles, and it is necessary for you to understand these types. I hope this article can be helpful to everyone.