Pursuit of the ultimate, never stop

12 Sep, 2019

Pursuit of the ultimate, never stop

Fonirte adheres to the promise of “all work is user”.

What is the ultimate? The ultimate is to never stop refining and refining the persistence, the ultimate is the pursuit of never ending.

Since its inception, Fonirte has always adhered to the development philosophy of “pursuing the ultimate, never stopping”. From entrepreneurship to leading the market, from product innovation to leading the industry, fonirt regards product quality as life and insight into each customer’s product needs. .


Pursue the ultimate product experience

Fonirte is optimized through R&D and design, and the quality of doors and windows is ensured through test. The profile adopts multi-cavity structure, which is more energy-efficient and noise-reducing. The rubber strip adopts automotive grade TPE strip, and the resilience, soft and hard co-extrusion is superior to ordinary strip. , the sealing performance is better; the hardware accessory products of the fonirte system have higher quality and cooperation.

Pursue the ultimate user experience

What is the ultimate user experience? To put it simply: solve the pain points of users and meet the needs of users.Fonirte adheres to the promise of “all work is user”.

Fonirte puts the user experience first, creating a dream home for customers, simple and clean space, neat and orderly, soundproof “standard”, leisure and comfort, noise reduction, energy saving, security, security, security, beauty Durable, it has always been committed to giving users the ultimate experience.

Fonirte adheres to the promise of “all work is user”. Whether in the choice of materials, glass and sealing strips and production process, the products are required to be refined, so that doors and windows have higher standards of airtightness and watertightness. Sound insulation, noise insulation, thermal insulation and wind pressure resistance ensure safe living and high quality of life.