what is pvc profile, why we choose pvc profile for window and door

26 Jun, 2017

PVC Profile, the main chemical composition is PVC. Is widely used as a new type of building materials, because of its physical properties such as rigidity, flexibility, corrosion resistance, excellent anti-aging properties, is usually used as copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals excellent substitutes.

In the building construction, PVC profile is mainly used for sliding, sliding doors and windows, fence, pipe and ceiling materials, through the new process is also widely used in automotive engine protection board, not only light weight, and good toughness, with just fine Nature, and sometimes also known as alloy steel.

PVC profile can be promoted and has a large area, gradually replace the wooden and aluminum doors and windows, and its unique advantages are inseparable. PVC doors and windows have the following advantages than aluminum and wooden doors and windows

Colorful: colored PVC profile used in the building add a lot of beauty. Before In order to achieve the doors and windows and the appearance of the building in harmony, people usually paint spray paint on the surface of wooden door and window in the case of UV easy to peeling off, but after a few years on the beyond recognition, and building is not coordinated. Later invented the color aluminum doors and windows, but the price is expensive, most consumer can not afford. But The use of PVC doors and windows to solve this problem perfectly, color foil profiles can even make a real effect of fake wood.

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