Sliding doors on the balcony to enhance the taste of home life

17 Sep, 2019

Sliding doors on the balcony to enhance the taste of home life

Nowadays, most home decorators like to install a sliding door on the balcony, which can play a role of partitioning and decorative, and can also be used to ensure lighting, weather and wind noise. But choosing a sliding door that suits you is not just about beauty, you need it.

sliding doors

Why  choose  sliding  doors?


In general, the balcony is the best place for lighting in the living room, and the choice of balcony sliding doors directly affects indoor lighting. It is recommended to choose the glass sliding door for the balcony, because the balcony sliding door not only has the effect of separating the space, but also does not cause visual crowding, and also ensures that the transparent and open light in the living room is not affected.

Door frame material

Because of the special location of the balcony, the outdoor wind is exposed to the sun, the rain, and even the dust and exhaust pollution. Therefore, when purchasing, we must pay attention to the quality of the raw materials, the better the quality of the sliding door frame, The stronger the toughness of the profile. The aluminum-clad door and window adopts aluminum + plastic + steel, which not only ensures the strength, but also ensures the beauty and cost-effective.

Noise prevention

The high-quality balcony sliding door leaf adopts insulating glass or special soundproof glass, which has a good blocking effect on noise; the quality of the balcony sliding door also determines whether it will produce harsh noise when opening and closing the balcony sliding door. Push-pull technology can effectively reduce the noise of opening and closing, while reducing the impact and ensuring safety.

sliding doors

Good life, from good design. The design of the fonirte sliding door does not take up space, but also plays a good role in heat insulation, sound insulation and partitioning, making the space more diverse and adding indoor lighting. Everything is beautiful, behind the door, push it gently, push you and my heart.