Steel Reinforced UPVC Windows

19 Sep, 2017

The architecture of a building reflects the people who live in it. Fonirte Upvc Windows  is connecting people and buildings and can therefore offer individual styles of living to suit each need.

As an exterior façade element, windows give the face of a building its character. On the inside, they define comfort and create atmosphere. A window is therefore only truly innovative, if it meets the essential requirements for warmth, quiet and security, while also providing an up-to-date design.

Versatile forms, perfect functionality paired with optimum user-friendliness – those are the most important criteria that concern the modern design of individual living and working spaces. But high demands on thermal insulation, sound protection and security also define the new trend towards a modern standard of living.

“Premium quality and maximum comfort is our goal”.

Amidst the many possibilities in shape, colour and material best suitable for house, apartment, bungalow, institution, hospital or hotel, Beidi uPVC window & door systems impart an exciting liveliness to them all, adding a new dimension to life. Beidi profiles bring zest to your life by offering wide choices of customized applications in terms of sizes and colours.

The Fonirte profile system is versatile, because Fonirte offers a sensible combination of thermal insulation, sound protection and burglarproof security, combined with a contemporary design. Based on many years of experience in plastics processing, Beidi meets all currents demands as well as future demands on quality and functionality, because with innovative technology, the regulations that are expected for tomorrow are already met today.