The advantages of UPVC doors and windows mainly include the following points

12 Oct, 2023

Environmental protection: UPVC doors and windows are a new type of environmentally friendly door and window materials that do not contain substances harmful to the human body and the environment and meet the requirements of green environmental protection.
Good sealing performance: UPVC material has high rigidity and hardness, which can produce more refined door and window structures and improve the sealing performance of doors and windows.
Excellent thermal insulation performance: UPVC doors and windows have very low thermal conductivity, which can effectively reduce heat loss and have good thermal insulation capabilities.
Easy maintenance: UPVC doors and windows have smooth surfaces, are not easily contaminated by dust and dirt, and are easy to clean and maintain.
Long service life: UPVC doors and windows have a long service life, generally up to about 20 years, which can save the cost and time of replacing doors and windows.
Affordable price: The price of UPVC doors and windows is relatively low and cost-effective, and can meet the needs of different consumers.
Flame retardant: UPVC doors and windows have very good flame retardant properties, which can improve the safety performance of buildings to a certain extent.