The difference between UPVC doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows

23 May, 2024

First of all, from the material point of view, the main material of UPVC doors and windows is polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) resin, which is made of reinforced steel, hardware, glass, and sealing materials. The aluminum alloy doors and windows are completely made of aluminum alloy profiles.
Secondly, the performance of both have their own merits. UPVC doors and windows inherit the excellent performance of PVC-U materials, with corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation, no need to paint maintenance and so on. At the same time, it also has good heat insulation, sound insulation and sealing performance, effectively improving the comfort of the indoor environment. In Europe, the UPVC system door and window market has been quite mature, which greatly reduces the impact of environmental pollution such as building energy consumption, living energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, helps carbon neutrality, and lights up a green lifestyle.
The aluminum alloy doors and windows are popular for their light weight, high strength, good closed characteristics, high precision, not easy to deform, beautiful building facade, corrosion resistance, and convenient application and maintenance. The window made of aluminum alloy material has good corrosion resistance, good stability, no rust, and also has good strength and toughness. The aspect ratio of the window frame is also reasonable. Therefore, the shape of the aluminum alloy window is more beautiful and easy Adapt to the needs of different architectural styles.
However, UPVC doors and windows perform well in sound insulation, heat preservation, waterproof, etc., but they are slightly inferior to aluminum alloy doors and windows in terms of wind pressure resistance and ultraviolet resistance. The aluminum alloy doors and windows in the anti wind pressure and anti ultraviolet performance is better, also has the characteristics of fire prevention, anti-corrosion, but in the heat preservation.