The following factors need to be considered when choosing UPVC profile doors and windows

25 Sep, 2023

Quality and grade: UPVC profiles are the key factors that determine the quality and grade of plastic steel doors and windows. A good UPVC profile should be a reasonably designed multi-cavity body with thick walls. The formula contains anti-aging and anti-UV additives. From the outside, it should have a smooth surface and a bluish-white color. The color of high-end UPVC profiles should be white with a hint of blue. This color has good anti-aging properties and will not age, change color or deform after being exposed to wind and sun for 30 to 50 years. The mid-to-low-end profiles are white with yellowing, which have poor sun protection. After a few years of use, they will become more and more yellow until they age, deform, and become brittle.
Assembly quality: In addition to the quality of the UPVC profile itself, the assembly quality of doors and windows is also a factor that needs to be considered. The main thing is whether the appearance is smooth and undamaged, and whether the welding corners are clean and tidy. These directly affect the overall quality and appearance of doors and windows.
The quality of accessories: Accessories of plastic steel doors and windows (such as hardware, sealing strips, etc.) are equally important. The quality and performance of these accessories will directly affect the overall quality and functionality of doors and windows.
Supplier’s reputation and service: When purchasing UPVC profile doors and windows, it is also important to choose a supplier with good reputation and service. They can provide high-quality after-sales services, such as installation, maintenance, etc., which can make you feel more confident when using them.
Price: The last factor to consider is price. While price is not the only factor that determines quality, it is also an important consideration. When purchasing UPVC profile doors and windows, you need to consider price and quality comprehensively and choose products with high cost performance.