The frequency of maintenance for UPVC doors and windows is

28 Mar, 2024

Generally speaking, if the doors and windows are frequently opened and closed, or are in a relatively harsh environment (such as frequent contact with rain, sand, dust, etc.), then the frequency of maintenance should be higher. This ensures that the performance and appearance of the doors and windows are maintained in good condition.
Specifically, every once in a while, you can check whether the hardware of doors and windows is loose, deformed or damaged. If so, it should be tightened or replaced in time. At the same time, you can also regularly clean the surfaces of doors and windows to remove dust and dirt and keep them clean and bright.
In addition, for UPVC doors and windows, due to the characteristics of its material, special maintenance is generally not required. However, if you find scratches or wear on the surface of your doors and windows, you can try using a professional UPVC repair agent to restore their appearance.