The gas pipes

20 Aug, 2019

The gas pipes

Gas pipes are used in a wide range of fields.PE resin is polymerized from monomeric ethylene. Due to different polymerization conditions such as pressure and temperature during polymerization, resins of different densities can be obtained, and thus high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density poly are obtained. The fraction of ethylene.

gas pipe

Gas  pipes  introduce

The gas pipe must withstand a certain pressure, usually a PE resin with a large molecular weight and good mechanical properties, such as HDPE resin. HDPE resin has low tensile strength, poor pressure resistance, poor rigidity, poor dimensional stability during molding, and difficulty in connection, and is not suitable as a material for a water supply pressure pipe. However, due to its high health index, LDPE, especially LLDPE resin, has become a common material for gas pipes. LDPE and LLDPE resins have low melt viscosity, good fluidity and easy processing, so the range of melt index is also wide, and the MI is usually between 0.3 and 3 g/10 min.

In response to market trends, Qingdao Fonirte Industry co., ltd.  has developed PE pipe products, mainly based on PE gas pipes and water pipes . The advantages of Qingdao Fonirte are: One large-caliber custom-made strength–Customized PE pipe according to customer’s needs, with 16-1800mm full-diameter full-size pipe professional customization. Second, the use of high-quality raw materials, strict testing – the use of Sinopec, Borealis and other domestic and foreign high-quality raw materials.

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Every step from raw materials to finished products is strictly tested to ensure the quality of our products and to protect our customers. All kinds of PE pipes and PE pipe fittings produced by the company have been tested by the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center. All performance indicators are in compliance with GBT15558.2-2005 and GBT13663-2000 standards, and have passed ISO9001-2000 internationally. Standard quality system certification, ISO9001-14000 environmental management system certification, safety standard National Mine Product Safety Mark Center (mineral product safety mark office) certification and German TUV certification and other series of qualifications, the products have been issued by the State Administration of Technology Supervision “Pressure pipe component production license”.